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First, on the tangent heels of yesterday's entry, here's a new way to watch all six Star Wars movies.

Next, today begins a week of remembrance of those who gave their lives to explore the great beyond...

Beyond that? Not much. Well, not much of interest to many people, if anyone. Overall, it's been a productive weekend. I got my weekend chores done. I also made some progress with cleaning up and reorganizing my desk and work space. Plus, I've gotten a few other odds and ends done.

Hopefully, the week ahead will continue to be productive. And low-key/reduced stress.

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HAPPY BIRFDAY[personal profile] angelamermaid!!

High-speed, low-budget entry...

Happy Pi Day!!

Had to take the day off and spent most of it sleeping after a kidney stone incident this morning. Grrr.

Oh, and the dental trip yesterday wasn't too bad. Except I have another cavity they need to fill (besides the one between my ears), so, I have to go back next week. At least it's just one this time.

Another good article by Neil DeGrasse Tyson and Partisan Politics Tainting NASA.

In the more bizarre and otherworldly, Wil Wheaton puts way too much time into validating spam mail he received. And...combined with the idea of Wesley Crusher: Teenage Fuck Machine... Yeah, I need to pick up some brain bleach now...

The Onion reports on Alien World to Help Out Syria Since This One Refuses To.

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Today was busy!

Despite yesterday being a total painful clusterfuck of kidney stone pain, I still managed to get up at a decent time and proceed with the weekend's chores. Our dishwasher is on the fritz, so, we're doing dishes by hand for now. Now, Mom and [profile] anaidiana are away this weekend for a handbell thing, so, it's just me. But there was a pile of dishes in the sink and, after making my sandwiches for the coming work week, I tackled all the dirty dishes (including pet dishes). I got my laundry started, then took care of the cat boxes, bird cages, and trash. Then I went to the pharmacy to pick up a prescription and some gummi worms. After that, I vacuumed the house. All that's left is to finish up my laundry once it's done in the dryer and finish up with taking down the Christmas tree. Mom got most if not all of her ornaments off and put away, so, it shouldn't take me too long to finish up. The ongoing saga of working on my taxes will be for next weekend, though, I might get a start on it this week.

Oh, and taking care of a few clocks for daylight savings. Being that we had a 10-minute power outage this morning, I took care of a good number of clocks then. May as well, right? But there are a few battery-operated clocks to take care of, as well as my watch and the clock in my car. The rest are already done or will automatically adjust.

Love and support to [profile] popfiend, who laid his wife, Lisa, to rest today. Wish I could be with you, bro, but, you've got plenty of people, so, all good...

Also kind of sad...

That's Atlantis and Discovery, together for the last time at Kennedy Space Center before Discovery is flown to the Smithsonian. And yeah, it's kind of sad to see Atlantis there with the nosecone RCS assembly missing as well as the rest of her engines. The end of an era. And it's all the more sad considering I'm working my way through the From the Earth to the Moon DVDs and reading Neil deGrasse Tyson's Space Chronicles. Human beings in general and Americans in this particular case have become real pussies when it comes to space and manned space exploration, or even the drive to advance ourselves and our civilization. This is the 21st Century. If I want to take a trip to the moon for a long weekend to get some writing done, I should be able to do so. Affordably. Instead, maybe I should learn Russian and Chinese, since those are the two remaining space powers.

On a lighter note... io9 has uncovered a letter from Muppet Labs congratulating NASA on the MARS rovers.

Hmmm... Maybe the Muppets are a good investment...

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