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This is Halloween

My awesome niece will be going around as Supergirl. Since she's too young for candy, she will be collecting for UNICEF, thus still working the whole superhero angle...

That's a Superman itty-bitty in the can. Incidentally, for a couple years there, I dressed up in a Starfleet uniform and took my sister trick-or-treating while I collected for UNICEF.

But yes, my niece is awesome. Expect more pictures on November 1.

Now, a staple of Halloween is ZOMBIES! Learn how to deal with Zombies by watching this educational video about Zombie University.

Followed by a seasonal message from Zombie!

Then we have the quintessential Halloween video, with some dancing and music that is part of our cultural history.

Last, and hopefully not least, is the annual, seasonal, re-release of my short story, based on actual events...

Zombies at Dunkin' Donuts (pdf)

And if you liked that story, feel free to leave a tip by way of a donation to help Rocky, Riffy, and Minerva get their annual shots and diabetic care and so on.

On a related note... HAPPY BIRFDAY ROCKY AND MINERVA!!! And though it's not Riffy's birfday, it was late October, 11 years ago, that I almost hit him with the car on my way to class, was a sucker for hard luck cases, tossed him in the car, skipped class, and thus adopted him. So, all three furkids have some sort of Halloween attachment.

I hope you all enjoyed this seasonal post. Happy Halloween!

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HAPPY BIRFDAY [personal profile] mobobocita!!

In other news, I'm fighting off a heat and humidity headache. Grrr.

[profile] lucylou has an image that summarizes the Harry Potter series, The SummHarry, that reminds me of a medieval tapestry, the name of which eludes me at the moment, but will probably come to me when I'm driving or have the runs or something...

Cracked.com gives 6 Pro-Gay Marriage Arguments for Fighting With Crazy People.

I don't know who this lady is, but I like her style... Get yer cock jokes ready! Now I want a giant chicken made out of metal drums. Keep snakes away from my cube at work. Not that I have snakes coming to my cubicle, but, you can never be too safe, you know?

Then in the video section...

Nathan Fillion delivers an important PSA

YouTube vlogger Meekakitty shares a Harry Potter-themed music video, "Wizard Love"

Now, I'll still put the Dork Tower comic in with the comics, but in relation to another Cracked.com article, the one about what we're doing to bring about Terminators (and Cylons), well, here's a screen cap showing an advertisement for the U.S. Air Force...

Yes, show a picture of a drone that lately we've started to arm and have been known to lose control of, and then put in a tag line about how it's "not just science fiction." Oh, and we're teaching it to think for itself and how to identify other air craft and shoot them down...


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