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Rocky is doing fine. I gave up "keeping him quiet" in my room because last night Mom let him out while I was out "because he was pawing at the door." So far, he seems fine being out and about, and he's been avoiding the stepgoggies.

Still, he looks like BorgKitty...

"I am Rocky Horror, of FelineBorg. You will be assimilated into my hoomin serving staff. Resistance is futile."

Since his surgery was more than $100 cheaper than what I had budgeted for, I took the extra money and got a new phone today. I am back in the land of the telecommunicated! I got a dumb phone, of course; it doesn't do much more than the old phone did (when it worked, of course). But I can now take pictures and video. I got an extra charger and a USB connector for the computer, though, the USB doesn't seem to be of much use other than charging the phone via USB port. I am able to text-to-e-mail pictures to myself, so, at least there's that. Tried it out, and, well, here's Rocky's cell phone duck face...

I will somehow get duck face pictures of myself in nerdy locations... Libraries, National Museums, and so on.

On a sadder note... I doubt I'm going to make it to dance tonight. While I haven't gotten anything done, I've been pecking away at several things around here (yard stuff, pool stuff, house stuff), plus learning the new phone, and so on. With heat, exhaustion, and heat exhaustion, I'm just not feeling it. Mer.

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Not too much to blog about. Nothing much of interest is happening.

Today, I managed to work a bit on the pool. I had to replace a part on the vacuum, but I finally got the vacuum working. Unfortunately, there is still a nasty pile of smelly leaves to get out of there, and it is just as painstaking and slow and frustrating as last year. But, I think I got about 1/4 to 1/3 of the crap out of there.

I'm hoping to get a little more house stuff done tonight. Right now, I'm not overloading myself. I figure I have Monday off, and while I want to have that day pretty much free, if I have to finish up a few things first, I'll live.

Rich...was really nice today in that he got his riding mower from his house and brought it over and cut the front yard. Unfortunately, the mower is about a foot too wide to fit through the gate. So, at some point, when I cut the grass, I only have the back yard to worry about.

My sister and brother-in-law went to an overnight wedding yesterday and last night, so, I got to go over and feed my furneice and furnephew. Lily is so funny... She led me to her room when I got there, and I found the food easily enough, but, no food bowl. So I look at this growing impatient cat and state that I don't see the food bowl. So she then leads me to the kitchen, sits in the middle of the floor, and looks up at all the cabinets as if to say, "There are bowls in there you idiot." Loki, meanwhile, took turns between eating his dinner and visiting with me. My sister and I have awesome, unusual, and awesomely unusual cats...

Speaking of... Rocky has been a bit sedate today, recovering from all his shots yesterday. Poor kid was panting on the way home yesterday, and between the heat and nerves, his paws were all sweaty at the vet. But he was a really good kitty... Didn't bite or hiss, though, he cried a bit when they aspirated a sample from his lump. Anyway, I can't wait to help him get rid of that lump in a few weeks.

Incidentally, the vet said that if the tumor suddenly gets bigger, starts weeping or bleeding, or has any other problem, bring him back sooner and we'll worry about the payment later. So, it's not the vet being heartless at all, but rather the people at Care Credit. I have already expressed the Italian Curse of Karma that the guy experiences something similar with one of his kids.

Yeah, I'm still a bit down about the disasters of yesterday. The guy who did the safety check was okay, but then the rest of the inspection team was made up of assholes who basically wanted to fail the car and be snarky towards me and essentially make me feel bad for (1) being poor and (2) not conforming and being creative and innovative instead. I kinda feel...bullied...


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HAPPY BIRFDAY [personal profile] liesbyomission!!

Today is...plugging along. I canceled my appointment with the blood bank. I'm still a bit dehydrated, so, I figured it's better to just reschedule for a few weeks later. Other than that, I've gotten a start on the weekend stuff. Lunch stuff is done. I still need to take care of the cat boxes, the bird cages, trash, and vacuuming the house. And laundry. But I have the pool pump running, added some chemicals, and have assembled the new vacuum. Unfortunately, it's a bit of a rainy weekend, so, not sure how much progress will be made on that front...

I'm back to thinking of taking a long weekend the weekend of my natal day. Originally, I was thinking of taking this coming Friday off to take care of all the stuff at DMV, but, I was going to take a half day the following Friday. Instead, I figure I'll save a half a day, since I'm still low on time off, and just do it all on the 27th and hope to gods they don't ruin my weekend. The plan is for that Monday to have everything around the house done and have a day to just...goof off. Ish. Honestly, as a writer, reading is important, and if I do any writing, well, that's not really goofing off. My point is: I plan for it to be a low-stress day for me.

Anyway, my little break time is over. Time to get back to house stuff.

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So...I may have overdone things a bit yesterday. I'm pretty sore.

On the bright side, a lot of stuff is done. Today, I just need to take care of laundry and a few other small odds and ends. And I have been entirely lazy up to this point.

Well, no, that's not entirely true.

Mom and I went out to Leslie's Pool Supply and got what I need to open the pool. Well, what I need so far. But I have super HTH and a big jug of algaecide, as well as a new vacuum hose and water return assembly. I'm hoping to have it open and swimmable in the next two weeks.

Though, I'm not sure if I can go back to Leslie's anytime soon. See, they had these there:

Now, from a distance, they kinda looked like french ticklers. And actually, with the soft silicone and whatnot, they can still probably be used as such. And the best part is that they're called dive sticks, and my mother thought that they could be used for a different kind of diving. Well, the kid behind the counter turned beet red and said something about his store now having an R rating.

So now, we call all think of this when we go to the pool store...

After that, we stopped at Kohl's so I could use my gift card and get some new pillows. No, not dirty pillows. But the ones I have now are losing their fluffiness and, well, it's just time.

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Weight down pool cover
Disconnect and drain pump and filter, then store
Store other pool-related items and components
Cat boxes, etc.

Patch Jeans
Vacuum house
Grocery shopping (?)

It's been a busy day, obviously. Yet, I'm hoping to iron on the patches for my jeans before passing out from exhaustion going to bed.

For the rest of the week... I'm hoping for some serious "me" time. Well, me and the kitties. I'm glad I took a vacation/personal day today. It was worth it, for my sanity, if nothing else.

Of course, a month from now, I'll be worrying about decorating for Christmas. I figure a little bit at a time after Halloween, and maybe the Christmas season won't be nearly as hectic as it's been for the past several years or so.

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First off...

HAPPY BIRFDAY [personal profile] rusty_chevy!!

Next, because everyone else is doing it...

So, wookiemonster, your LiveJournal reveals…

You are… 1% unique, 11% peculiar, 31% interesting, 33% normal and 25% herdlike (partly because you, like everyone else, enjoy writing). When it comes to friends you are a total whore. In terms of the way you relate to people, you are keen to please. Your writing style (based on a recent public entry) is conventional.

Your overall weirdness is: 17

(The average level of weirdness is: 28.
You are weirder than 37% of other LJers.)

Find out what your weirdness level is!

Obviously, this meme sucks and is inaccurate... We all know I'm much further "out there" than this...

Friday...wasn't quite as interesting as I had originally hoped. This was largely because I spent most of the day at Gary's. The vacuum control valve for the EGR system was a simple enough fix. But the coolant leak... Turns out, it was coming from the water pump. Again. Gary replaced the gasket to the pump, but it didn't hold. Since that was the second gasket he's replaced on it, he ordered a new water pump. Now, the gasket wasn't completely blown, just not completely sealed, so, the car would have been driveable over the weekend and such, if needed. The pump got there at quarter to five. Gary closes at 5. Nevertheless, he stayed and replaced the pump, and I was on my way by 6:30. No charge, since everything's under warranty, but I still feel badly that he stayed an extra hour and a half, especially when I would have been willing to bring it back after the weekend. The other mechanics had left, and since Dad ingrained hardcore safety into me, I at least stayed in the bay and chatted with him while he worked. And yes, I did offer to help, even if it was holding things in place and such, and was as diplomatic about it as I could be, but he insisted he had everything under control. And for the record, I would have offered to help in any event, but Gary has Parkinson's. He's doing pretty well, but the last 20 minutes or so, the tremors were starting to act up. Next week (this coming Friday), I'll be in the area again and was planning on bringing him another payment for the engine; I'm trying to come up with something else to bring him as a "thank you" for staying late and such. Michael J. Fox's Always Looking Up? Mayhaps. Wish I knew if he was at all interested in science fiction, as maybe a book from the Starfleet Corps of Engineers might be good. Wish I could give him a cure for Parkinson's... Though, maybe I'll talk to Mom and we can make a donation to the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research in his name...

Anyway, we'll see how the new control valve holds up. If it pops again, then I might need a new charcoal canister which, fortunately, isn't expensive or hard to replace. But it might be a bitch to find...

Actually, with the new engine and some of the relocations made, new accessory brackets, and so on... It's a LOT easier to work on that car and get at stuff. Granted, older cars tend to have a layout under the hood that makes it a little easier to get at different components, compared to newer cars that are designed so that you have to take half the car apart just to change the battery and such. On the old engine, it was pretty much a given that one had to remove the air cleaner housing assembly to pretty much get at anything. Granted, that's a minor thing, and takes all of about 5 minutes total for removal and re-installation. But with the new performance assembly, it's a step that's been eliminated when dealing with belts, accessories, and anything not directly on top of the engine.

So... Good mechanic, good engine, good customization job. Good times...

Moving along...

Depending on the weather - we're supposed to get some funderstorms this weekend - I'll be working on the pool this weekend. Primary goal is to get the cover off, cleaned up, and put away as well as starting to bring the water level up. Or, at least up to the intake and return - I can't do the plumbing until I get a bag of filter sand. But I figure I'll do what I can do so that when I get the sand and chemicals, it's just a matter of chemical warfare and then the pool will be ready for swimming.

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