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Yes, it is Christmas! Christmas night, to be exact, but, all good. I have enjoyed wearing pajamas all day, sleeping in, and taking a 4-hour nap this afternoon.

First, the bad stuff... Mom's sister, Carol, called. Not bad in itself, but, the fact that somehow, Bob and Ginny, Mom's aunt and uncle, who are butthurt over not being invited to Mandie's and Scott's wedding, and who also couldn't be bothered to go to Mandie's senior recital or come to any of our graduation parties... Anyway, they got mentioned again, and it again came up that if Mom apologized or invited them to her and Rich's wedding, everything would be fine.

My response on Facebook is comprehensive and, I think, eloquent enough to copy here...

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Anyway... I'm a little...overwhelmed...with what Mom got me. In addition to two new pairs of work jeans and assorted other stuff, she also got me a new faux leather jacket with pockets and such. It's...nice. Really nice. And she got me a new watch. A Citizen eco-drive. I still need to figure out how to use it and such. I might use the cheapie but functional Timex I have as a stopwatch for keeping track of my daily walking quotas and such. Rich and Mom both got me Amazon gift cards, which will be more than enough for me to get a new printer/scanner/copier. And maybe an e-book or two.

Yeah, the current printer is slowly dying. The rollers don't grab paper, so, I have to shove paper into the mechanism, or else it reads as empty. And it's persnickety about that, too.

As for what I gave... I got Scott a blue tie, since the list I had said something about blue and green ties. But I didn't get him any old tie, but rather a Ravenclaw tie from ThinkGeek. I got my sister two more Dresden Files books - Proven Guilty and White Knight. For Rich, I got him a copy of John Scalzi's Old Man's War and The Ghost Brigades. For Mom, I got her the latest Castle novel, along with 2 gigabytes of RAM for her computer. At least, I hope they're the right RAM. I called up her system information, got the make and model of her motherboard, then punched it into Goggle for compatible RAM assemblies, and found the resultant RAM on Amazon. It should be good to go. And RAM's fairly easy to install. Basically plug-n-play. She's got a 1.2 or 1.3 GHz Pentium chip in there, so, I'm hoping the RAM upgrade (she currently has, I think, just a half a gig, if that) will noticeably improve system performance for her and allow her to surf the web at something approaching a normal speed.

Mandie also gave us all home-knit scarves.

Brigid and Brandon are a bit overwhelmed with all their toys. The cats and birds...are still unwrapping their stuff. I gave Rocky his Santa bag, which had a knit mousie, a ball, and a teddy bear. He loves all three. He had the mousie in his mouth, with a paw on the ball and the other paw on the bear, completely unsure what he wanted to play with first.

Rich...was a bit overwhelmed with everything he got. It's all good. I think he knows we like and want him around here. And that Mom loves him.

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HAPPY BIRFDAY [profile] jeanne_dark!!

Well, the good news is that I'm done wrapping gifts and am, basically, ready for Christmas. Just need to leave some stuff in stockings.

In addition to wrapping gifts, I managed to get the banister garland up, put the storage boxes away, aid in the preparation of the feast for the evening, and take care of a few other odds and ends. Unfortunately, I ate too much at dinner and am having a little indigestion right now. Also, I'm only about half way through my laundry. Meh.

But, back on the bright side, not much to do tomorrow. Despite the extra sleep and napping I did this past weekend, I'm looking forward to some extra sleep tomorrow. And maybe some extra reading time.

Anyway, more later...

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Last night, I finally carried through on a plan to go dancing for the first time in two and a half years. I'm back, kids!

As I was on my way to Take the Lead, I came to the realization that the more time elapsed, the more I was becoming afraid that when I finally did go dancing, I'd be disappointed with how crappy I've gotten and probably decide to hang up the dance shoes for good. I was afraid the "magic" of dance for me would be gone, and I would just have to move on or something.

I'm glad I went on a "quiet" night. It gave me a chance to...re-acclimate. A chance to talk with a few people. Especially Lydia. Lydia's husband is having memory problems, possibly Alzheimer's. But, he still remembered me. I asked her if anyone knew anything about Pete, and the last she'd heard, he'd "let himself go" and does nothing but sleep and watch TV these days. He's basically a depressed version of Jabba the Hutt.

There were several people who actually remembered me and said it was good to see me again. In addition to Lydia, of course. Lydia says I haven't lost any of my dance abilities and that I made her night. Some of the other ladies there were somewhat beginners and remarked on how good I was, wondering if I was new to the area and so on. No one seemed to believe that this was the first time I'd danced in over two years. With the exception of dancing with my sister at Ryan's wedding.

I have to say, the thing that saved me was muscle memory. The more I disengaged my brain, the more I was actually able to dance. Though my leading is a little rusty, more complicated figures are forgotten, and my footwork is atrocious.

I'm also seriously out of shape. I need to fix that by...dancing more. Somehow.

So...last night was a good night for me. I'm thinking January 5th will be my next dance outing.

In other news... I'm about a third of the way through John Scalzi's Redshirts. I'm loving it! I haven't laughed that much, that hard at a book in a long time!

Anyway, a lot of Christmas prep is done. Still waiting for Mom to put up the last of the decorations and such so I can put the rest of the storage containers away and do some light vacuuming of the downstairs. And I still need to wrap gifts. But at least everything's here, and I have all the supplies I need.

I'm really glad I don't have much left to do for Christmas. Thanks to last night, and, don;t get me wrong, I regret nothing, but, I am exhausted and rather sore. Surprisingly, my feet have stopped hurting, but my knees and my back are complaining. Not going to push myself too hard today.

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HAPPY BIRFDAY [personal profile] crysania4, [profile] mere_bystander, AND [personal profile] herlander_refugee!!!

So... I woke up at a decent time this morning and was productive. Put new patches on my jeans (I cut the old patches to small), made my sandwiches for the week, and got some other odds and ends done. All that's left is to finish my iced tea and pack my thermoses for work tomorrow, and check in new comics and run the computers through maintenance and back ups and such. And... I'm running out of gas. Out of steam. Out of energy.

Ultimately, though, I guess I can't complain too much. The past week or so has been extremely productive, what with closing the pool, getting housework done, taking care of and working on other little projects... I'm hoping to finish laminating my bookmarkers this weekend or, at least, getting half of what's left done. With any luck, in two weeks, I'll be as productive with getting the Christmas stuff brought up and started. Again, the main objective is to work slowly and steadily so that 1) there's not a last-minute rush/panic like there has been for the last several years and 2) to actually enjoy Christmas instead of it feeling like a chore or a source of stress.

As is, in general, I'm starting to feel a little less frazzled. It'll take some time, but I'm feeling more and more convinced I will eventually get back to a state of somewhat calm and focus on reading and writing. And giving scritches to the kitty overlords.

Anyway, back to work...

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