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Well, Caturday morning, anyway...

Rocky had another glucose check this morning. 109. So, he's still off insulin. He'll have another recheck on Thursday. But, it looks like the diabetes has been resolved.

I asked Dr. Emslie just how close he was... How sick he was when I first brought him in three weeks ago. She said that considering she had to put a feeding tube in him, how jaundiced he was the next day, how aggressive they had to treat him... It was close. As in, a matter of hours would have made the difference. He was pretty sick, and it's kind of amazing at how complete his recovery has been.

I'm...still mourning TomTom. And yes, he was old (almost 16), and he was slammed with a pretty nasty GI disease that was...just a little more than his body could handle. YoYo, at almost 17, just simply slipped away. Though he lived 8 years with a managed UT condition. Rocky isn't even 7 yet, and he's come so far since we first got him. He's learned to trust again, to settle down, and he's actually quite affectionate, and...just wants to play. TomTom was critical to Rocky settling down and reducing his aggression. And Rocky is stepping up to the plate in taking up TomTom's household management duties. TomTom could never be replaced, nor could any cat; but Rocky has taken up the duty, taken over the "chore" of managing the "hoomin." And...it would have really, really sucked if I'd lost him, too, this summer.

Rocky...lost his mentor, TomTom, at the beginning of the summer, then lost YoYo at the end of the summer. Then he had a tumor removed, and then had a severe reaction to the steroid he was on to help his face heal. In the last three weeks, he's been hospitalized, with a feeding tube and IV, been poked and prodded constantly, had to have glucose tests and insulin shots, had liquids shoved down his throat, had sutures replace the feeding tube, and had to have those sutures replaced (several times, because he kept removing them himself)... Yet, he still sits with me on the couch, putting a paw on my hand or leg. He still head-butts me to wake me up. He still purrs and follows me around. Well, he follows me around when he's pretty sure we're not about to go to the vet...

Rocky's a pretty awesome cat now in his own right. I'm just...glad I know him well enough to know that something was Not Right and got him to the vet in time.

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First, an acknowledgment of the passing of Neil Armstrong: the first human to set foot on the lunar surface. If the rest of humanity had just half the balls he had, trips to the moon would be commonplace now.

Housework wise... I managed to get the grass cut. It can now rain. Slowly whacking away at other things.

But the biggest point of today was the vet trip. On the bright side, no one had to be euthanized or anything, which is always a plus.

Today's trip consisted of Rocky and Minerva. Rocky, who had managed to get his cone off yesterday while I was at work, was there for a re-check and for suture removal. Minerva was there for annual check-up and shots.

Now, even though I had them secured, both front...

...and back...

...Minerva managed to break out of her carrier. Thing is, she pissed in her carrier. I think she got scared, terrified, and just...let go. And managed to get enough flex around the door to pop it out of its posts and get it open. Fortunately, she ran to the passenger side, where the window motor is dead and the window is thus up, to make her announcement that she was out of her carrier. At which point I put up the driver side window and double checked the sunroof, which was popped open. Fortunately, not enough clearance for her to be able to get through.

Yeah, nothing like traveling at 50mph in Hockessin with soccer moms and spoiled brats trying to run me off the road because I have an older car, and then having an in-flight emergency like that. Thankfully, Cammie was up for it.

So, I got to Lantana, parked the car, shut off the engine, and managed to grab Minerva before opening the door. I took her straight in to the vet, explained why she was not in a carrier and such, and they weighed her and put her in a room while I went to get Rocky. First, though, I dumped the pee out of the carrier and took that and Rocky in to the vet. I asked one of the techs if they had a deep sink or something I could use to clean out the carrier, and the tech just smiled and took the carrier and washed it out for me.

So, Dr. Lon came in and checked Rocky. Basically, his being cone-less wasn't anything to worry about, and all he had managed to do was scratch off some of the scabbing. So, Dr. Lon removed the sutures and, well, Rocky hadn't healed all the way. Dr. Lon removed a small bit of matter that was either inflammation or a small bit of tumor he may have missed, then re-sutured Rocky with a different type of suture, since it seems Rocky may have reacted to the nylon sutures, which are one of the most un-reactive sutures, but, yeah. Rocky, meanwhile, got another cone. Just to be on the safe side. Also, with the cone, and given his size, Dr. Lon lent me a larger carrier for him.

Minerva, meanwhile, got all her shots and is a little overweight, but otherwise healthy. One of the techs (nurses?) took her back and cleaned her up from her mess in the car. They also trimmed her claws and toenails, which Minerva loved. She started kneading, acting like she was at the spa. And purring up a storm.

Obviously, unspoiled and neglected...

Dr. Boon took care of Minerva. She also told me she'd gotten Riffy's biopsy results... Not cancer! Yup, he isn't suffering from the curse of white cats to be prone to skin cancer. At least, not yet. Dr. Boon's supposed to get back to me next week as to whether he should have some sort of sunscreen. But anyway, he's got some sort of aggressive irritation there that could be allergies or could be some sort of auto-immune thing. I was a bit ambivalent at the news, grateful that it wasn't cancer, but feeling like I'd had his ear mutilated for no reason. However, Dr. Boon said that the irritation was such that they would have had to take that part of his ear anyway to (1) figure out what was going on via biopsy and (2) treat that area of irritation. So, I feel less bad about it. Also, since she did a good job with the shaping, he just looks like he has one ear smaller than the other, and once the fur grows back, it should be even less noticeable.

Anyway, other than face drops, ear drops, and recheck appointments, this is the first time in a long while that I haven't been so worried about my furkids.

Oh, and the trip home was uneventful. But Minerva has been hiding, probably exhausted from her shots and from her adventure. Rocky's been a little on the groggy side, what with being anesthetized and such for his sutures. Riffy just doesn't like the coldness of his ear drops, but, he's still pretty good about taking them. I sat with him for a little bit after medicating him tonight and he was rubbing against me. I think that was his way of saying that he knows I still care about him and am trying to be a good kitty father and that he appreciates it.

As far as Riffy, Rocky, and Minerva are concerned, the next thing is getting Riffy and Rocky all treated and suture-free and such. Then maybe try to figure out what they're allergic to. I doubt it's food. Might be a plant or seasonal or maybe we need to change the HVAC filters more often. Once a month even though the filters are rated for three months. Lastly, I want to redouble my efforts to get these guys together, despite the fact that such interaction may be as dangerous as crossing the streams. I...may need to purchase some baby gates as a start to all that. These guys...need to get over themselves and such and allow themselves the company of each other and the resultant full lives like what TomTom and YoYo had that they deserve.

Also... Talked with Dr. Boon a bit about Rocky's aggressive past, and she said that it's sometimes hard to retrain cats that had been through what he'd been through. But given how relaxed and non-bitey he is nowadays, I must have done something right somewhere. He may hiss and growl and complain while I'm putting him in the carrier or taking him off a table or away from somewhere he's not supposed to be, but he doesn't bite. At most, he will nip lightly, but even that is going away.

Watched a little bit of Jackson Galaxy's My Cat From Hell on Animal Planet tonight... I have to say, whenever I feel like I'm not such a good kitty parent, I just have to watch that show, and I see where I'm certainly not the worst one out there.

Eh, it is what it is, I suppose.

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Today was busy!

Despite yesterday being a total painful clusterfuck of kidney stone pain, I still managed to get up at a decent time and proceed with the weekend's chores. Our dishwasher is on the fritz, so, we're doing dishes by hand for now. Now, Mom and [profile] anaidiana are away this weekend for a handbell thing, so, it's just me. But there was a pile of dishes in the sink and, after making my sandwiches for the coming work week, I tackled all the dirty dishes (including pet dishes). I got my laundry started, then took care of the cat boxes, bird cages, and trash. Then I went to the pharmacy to pick up a prescription and some gummi worms. After that, I vacuumed the house. All that's left is to finish up my laundry once it's done in the dryer and finish up with taking down the Christmas tree. Mom got most if not all of her ornaments off and put away, so, it shouldn't take me too long to finish up. The ongoing saga of working on my taxes will be for next weekend, though, I might get a start on it this week.

Oh, and taking care of a few clocks for daylight savings. Being that we had a 10-minute power outage this morning, I took care of a good number of clocks then. May as well, right? But there are a few battery-operated clocks to take care of, as well as my watch and the clock in my car. The rest are already done or will automatically adjust.

Love and support to [profile] popfiend, who laid his wife, Lisa, to rest today. Wish I could be with you, bro, but, you've got plenty of people, so, all good...

Also kind of sad...

That's Atlantis and Discovery, together for the last time at Kennedy Space Center before Discovery is flown to the Smithsonian. And yeah, it's kind of sad to see Atlantis there with the nosecone RCS assembly missing as well as the rest of her engines. The end of an era. And it's all the more sad considering I'm working my way through the From the Earth to the Moon DVDs and reading Neil deGrasse Tyson's Space Chronicles. Human beings in general and Americans in this particular case have become real pussies when it comes to space and manned space exploration, or even the drive to advance ourselves and our civilization. This is the 21st Century. If I want to take a trip to the moon for a long weekend to get some writing done, I should be able to do so. Affordably. Instead, maybe I should learn Russian and Chinese, since those are the two remaining space powers.

On a lighter note... io9 has uncovered a letter from Muppet Labs congratulating NASA on the MARS rovers.

Hmmm... Maybe the Muppets are a good investment...

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Well, I've had a busy Caturday! In between naps and blowing my nose, I have managed to take care of the cats boxes and bird cages, make my sandwiches for work for the week, make my bed, get my laundry started, make soup, and get a few other odds and ends done. All that's left now is some weekly computer maintenance and finishing up my laundry. Oh, and maybe getting my taxes done.

TomTom is awfully spry for an "old man" of a cat that he is. I worry about him sometimes, what with him being a little underweight due to geriatric-related hyperthyroidism, and sometimes he moves a little slow due to what looks like arthritis. Then there's today, where I'm at the foot of the basement steps to get a can of chicken and rice soup, and TomTom attempts to go into the forbidden zone. Granted, I'm a little easily winded at the moment with this cold, but he still dodged and juked on the steps and managed to get half-way past me. I barely grabbed a hind leg and held him in place long enough to scoop him up, where he still almost wriggled free. Twice. I take this as evidence that one can be elderly and still pack a wallop, and that you really shouldn't fuck with the elderly.

Not much else. Just kind of taking it easy, what with this cold, and stress, and so on. It's all good.

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