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This is Halloween

My awesome niece will be going around as Supergirl. Since she's too young for candy, she will be collecting for UNICEF, thus still working the whole superhero angle...

That's a Superman itty-bitty in the can. Incidentally, for a couple years there, I dressed up in a Starfleet uniform and took my sister trick-or-treating while I collected for UNICEF.

But yes, my niece is awesome. Expect more pictures on November 1.

Now, a staple of Halloween is ZOMBIES! Learn how to deal with Zombies by watching this educational video about Zombie University.

Followed by a seasonal message from Zombie!

Then we have the quintessential Halloween video, with some dancing and music that is part of our cultural history.

Last, and hopefully not least, is the annual, seasonal, re-release of my short story, based on actual events...

Zombies at Dunkin' Donuts (pdf)

And if you liked that story, feel free to leave a tip by way of a donation to help Rocky, Riffy, and Minerva get their annual shots and diabetic care and so on.

On a related note... HAPPY BIRFDAY ROCKY AND MINERVA!!! And though it's not Riffy's birfday, it was late October, 11 years ago, that I almost hit him with the car on my way to class, was a sucker for hard luck cases, tossed him in the car, skipped class, and thus adopted him. So, all three furkids have some sort of Halloween attachment.

I hope you all enjoyed this seasonal post. Happy Halloween!

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HAPPY BIRFDAY [profile] dr_nebula!!

Weekend chores are just about done. Last load is in the dryer, will be done soon, and will then be folded and put away. Lunch stuff is all ready to go.

I slept through a good chunk of today. Meh. I figure I must have needed it. On the bright side, my allergies are a mild annoyance, not even requiring medication right now.

Rocky was cute last night. As I was falling asleep, I was aware of him petting my face and booping my nose. He's very reciprocative.

Dinner in a little bit. Mom's making chicken parmigiana and spaghetti. The over to my seester's house for cake and ice cream in honor of my brother-in-law's natal day.

Anyway, as I am short on time, no comics, but a few web things here...

Dogs are People, Too. Dogs undergo MRI scans and show similar scans to humans.

Elephant spontaneously joins in piano playing. I like how the elephant bobs his head, too.

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First, on the tangent heels of yesterday's entry, here's a new way to watch all six Star Wars movies.

Next, today begins a week of remembrance of those who gave their lives to explore the great beyond...

Beyond that? Not much. Well, not much of interest to many people, if anyone. Overall, it's been a productive weekend. I got my weekend chores done. I also made some progress with cleaning up and reorganizing my desk and work space. Plus, I've gotten a few other odds and ends done.

Hopefully, the week ahead will continue to be productive. And low-key/reduced stress.

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Here's a Cracked article about horribly misguided attempts at teaching lessons creatively.

In other news... I haven't been reading as much the past few days, but that's because I've been somewhat productive with rearranging/reorganizing my desk. It's actually going a little better than I thought it would, and just cleaning up all the clutter is making me feel a little better. I still have a LOT to do, but, it's starting to come together. Already, I've managed to find a lot of crap that can just be tossed, have put other things in a better storage place... I think things will be a bit more organized and stream-lined. Less chaotic and confining. More comfortable and functional.

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Alas, another Monday...

Finally feeling a little better today. Or, I was, earlier. I got up on time, even got to work a few minutes early. Went for my chiro appointment after work. And now? I'm oscillating between feeling blasé and wanting to jump out of my skin. Hopefully, my body will settle down a little and I'll get some reading done.

Work itself wasn't too bad. I am now able to use my sick and vacation time, save for the "bank" time. In any event, there were no problems making arrangements for my dental appointment next week. Other than that, it was a productive, yet quiet day.

Not much else. We need a new dishwasher. The motor in the current one is on its last legs. Mom and Rich have started looking for a suitable replacement.

Rocky was extremely hyper a little while ago. He was playing with one of his new toys he got for Christmas, jumping on and off the bed, running up and down the hall. Keep in mind, he's 20-22 pounds, so, you hear him quite well. Fortunately, he did not lose his toy and is instead "feeding" it while he's zonked on the bed. Meanwhile, Yoda admonishes Mom and Rich, "You be good now" as they leave for dinner. Yes, folks, this is my life, strange as it is.

In other news...

Conan the Librarian rage! Tony Lee from Career Cast and making an article for CNBC apparently shat out an article that said that being a librarian is one of the least stressful occupations. Granted, I'm not a librarian, but I play one on TV work in a library, I can say that this guy has no fucking clue. I mean, seriously, if this job was so stress-free, do you think I'd bitch about it on a regular basis? Anyway, there is, instead, this post on Blogger that reams this guy a new one. And this is a public library. Add in a collegiate/research library, and you have kids who complain about technology and hours, faculty that complain that they're not treated as gods, and frat rats coming in expecting you to practically research and write their paper for them.

And if that wasn't stressful enough... The Onion reports on AP Style, Chicago Gang Violence Among Copy Editors.

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Today has been mostly productive, and it's only early afternoon...!

Alas, my hemoglobin is still a little too low to donate blood. Will try again in February. In the meantime, I may need to try some iron supplement or somesuch.

But I got a much-needed chiropractic adjustment. Then I stopped at Kohl's and got my new watch resized. Stopped at the bank and paid the engine loan for January. Stopped at the drug store and picked up a prescription.

So now, I find myself in a "weird" position. I finally have the majority of housework and errands for the break done, leaving me with the dreamy position of having gobs of time over the next few days to engorge myself on reading, writing, and gaming. And sleeping. And yet...I find it difficult to focus or motivate myself. It's...not that I don't want to work on these things. But...it feels so weird to be able to indulge. I feel like I should be working on other stuff, you know? Oh, and there are a few little odds and ends to take care of. Trimming and inserting the new gel inserts for my Sketcher boots. Doing the annual stuff of archiving files and folders and setting up my sync protocols for 2013. Plus, according to shipping info, my printer is "out for delivery," so, that should get here tonight, leaving me free to set it up and start working on reorganizing my desk.

I am contemplating the laptop these days. I occasionally take it with me to DD to do some writing/planning, and it works okay, especially for a 7-year-old machine. Though it seems to be slowing down. I've looked at other laptops, but, my biggest gripe is that they all have Windows 7 or Windows 8, and I'd rather have XP on the machine. And like I said, my current laptop works well enough. So, doing a quick Amazon search, I could quadruple the hard disk space and quadruple the RAM for less than $100. Current harddrive is 80 gigs, with half a gig of RAM. Other than that, I'd like to get a new battery for it. But right now, I just use it for basic internet and word processing. If I ever go back to doing music at TTL, I'd definitely want to do the upgrade, especially given that my music library has increased.

Eh, it's all kind of moot, anyway. I'm still digging out of debt.

Apparently, the AV Club is a more serious side of The Onion, and they have a nice article about Fraggle Rock and society.

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Okay, high-speed, low-budget summary of the day...

I ended up taking a vacation day. First, Rocky's face was a dried-bloody, scabby mess. Second, I heard back from Maaco to bring the car by for them to look at it. Plus, I was considering stopping by the DMV for a temporary sticker for the car to give me some time to get the light fixed. Well, I eventually decided to not bother with the DMV just yet.

The trip to Maaco wasn't too bad. The guy there asked me what my plans were for the car and such, and I told him that I was eventually going to restore the whole thing. So, he suggested that instead of paying for some work twice that instead of a full repair on that dent, which would all be sanded down/removed and re-done when they repair the other hole in that panel, that instead they bang the dent out and replace the molding and lens for the light so that it'll pass inspection and look less bad than it does now. This would only cost me $200, leaving the remainder of the insurance money for other things or to be put into savings or whatever. Plus, it'll only take them a day to do the work - drop it off in the morning, pick it up in the afternoon. So, they're going to call me once they get the parts in and we'll go from there, but the guy was confident that they'd have everything in and be able to complete the work before the end of the month so I can get it through inspection.

Then this afternoon, I took Rocky to the vet to see Dr. Lon. His stitches aren't quite ready to come out yet. So, they gave him another anti-itch shot and another anti-biotic shot to be on the safe side, plus cleaned up his face and all. He's got a hydrocortisone solution I need to apply to his face twice daily between now and Saturday to help everything heal. And...he's got a cone of shame to keep him from tearing up his face any further. He's...not happy about the cone, but, he's coping. Meanwhile, he has an appointment on Saturday to get his sutures removed. Fortunately, he hadn't snagged or pulled any of them out. Anyway, he's cleaned up and doing well. The tech commented on what a good kitty he was and on how relaxed he was, despite everything. I'm hoping Rocky knows that car rides do not in any way mean he's being abandoned, but rather cared for.

Anyway, we've set up food and water stations for him that are "cone friendly" and I took the lid off the main litter box he uses. He managed to clip the edge of his water dish at dinner and spilled the water, but, it was all cleaned up and such. Mom has...actually gotten rather patient with the cats since Rich came into the picture.

In any event, I'm glad that Rocky trusts me enough to not be nasty at the vet. More than that, he seems to have learned from TomTom and is becoming a vet tech favorite. Three of them seemed happy to see him today. I mean, one time, I asked them if they told everyone that their cat is well-behaved, and they said no. That I'd be surprised how often they get bitten, scratched, and so on. Hell, my guys don't even hiss or growl at them. Well, Minerva growled and hissed when I first adopted/rescued her and brought her up there for shots and Felv and HIV tests, but then, she'd known me all of an hour at that point. Other than that? My kids are good for the doctor. It's not just a sign of trusting the veterinarian, but a sign that they trust me enough to know I won't put them in harm's way. Every day, I hope I prove worthy of that trust...

On a parting note, here's Cracked.com on the 6 Most Baffling PSAs Starring Famous Superheroes. The first one explains Todd Akins, the last one actually makes me like the X-Men even more, and the Batman one was just...batshit crazy...

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Here I had these links in open tabs so I wouldn't forget to mention them...

Wil Wheaton, with whom I share a birfday, has declared tomorrow to be Don't Be a Dick Day.

Facebook Friend (and awesome Harley Quinn cosplayer) Mary Anne Butler has an awesome interview with Ready Player One author Ernie Cline. Best part: When Mr. Cline says that writers should write the book they want to read. Truth.

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So...I may have overdone things a bit yesterday. I'm pretty sore.

On the bright side, a lot of stuff is done. Today, I just need to take care of laundry and a few other small odds and ends. And I have been entirely lazy up to this point.

Well, no, that's not entirely true.

Mom and I went out to Leslie's Pool Supply and got what I need to open the pool. Well, what I need so far. But I have super HTH and a big jug of algaecide, as well as a new vacuum hose and water return assembly. I'm hoping to have it open and swimmable in the next two weeks.

Though, I'm not sure if I can go back to Leslie's anytime soon. See, they had these there:

Now, from a distance, they kinda looked like french ticklers. And actually, with the soft silicone and whatnot, they can still probably be used as such. And the best part is that they're called dive sticks, and my mother thought that they could be used for a different kind of diving. Well, the kid behind the counter turned beet red and said something about his store now having an R rating.

So now, we call all think of this when we go to the pool store...

After that, we stopped at Kohl's so I could use my gift card and get some new pillows. No, not dirty pillows. But the ones I have now are losing their fluffiness and, well, it's just time.

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HAPPY BIRFDAY[personal profile] angelamermaid!!

High-speed, low-budget entry...

Happy Pi Day!!

Had to take the day off and spent most of it sleeping after a kidney stone incident this morning. Grrr.

Oh, and the dental trip yesterday wasn't too bad. Except I have another cavity they need to fill (besides the one between my ears), so, I have to go back next week. At least it's just one this time.

Another good article by Neil DeGrasse Tyson and Partisan Politics Tainting NASA.

In the more bizarre and otherworldly, Wil Wheaton puts way too much time into validating spam mail he received. And...combined with the idea of Wesley Crusher: Teenage Fuck Machine... Yeah, I need to pick up some brain bleach now...

The Onion reports on Alien World to Help Out Syria Since This One Refuses To.

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Thus far, it's been a week of hell...

First, my job is being eliminated and, though they're giving me another job, it's still a major change. Then yesterday, I had a bit of a medical emergency. Granted, not life-threatening, but just incredible amounts of pain. I woke up around 5AM with pain in my left lower back. At first, it felt like a muscle cramp, but then it ramped up and when I stood up to stretch, I started seeing stars. And then the pain got worse to where I was debating vomiting, crying, or passing out. Tried lying back down, which was only marginally better. Then another wave hit and I somehow managed to stumble into Mom's room and wake her up to take me to the ER. Got back into my room and managed to put on socks, pajama bottoms, a shirt, and slippers, then was overcome with pain and nausea. Crawled to the top of the steps with my wallet and cell phone. When I got there and didn't hear any movement from Mom's room, I used the cell phone to call her and wake her up. Then I proceeded to swing my feet around so I could crawl down the steps feet-first. Meanwhile, TomTom stayed with me, licking my head. Rocky beat the crap out of Mom's door. Then when I started to go downstairs, he smacked my head several times, probably thinking I was about to fall down the stairs, but when he saw what I was doing, he backed off, then ran downstairs, thinking he would catch me if I fell instead of flattening him, 30-pound cat or no. Got downstairs and waited about another 10 minutes for Mom. In all fairness, sher had a doctor appointment later in the morning, and she needed to make sure she had everything for that so she could go there right from the ER, if necessary. She left the house first to start the car, and I decided I didn't care if it was cold or not, and I stumbled out to the car. Fortunately, the hospital is less than five miles away, and it wasn't quite rush hour. The pain escalated to where I ended up taking off my seat belt and putting the seat all the way down so I could lie where the pain was only slightly more bearable. Got there, and there was only one person ahead of me, and they processed me pretty quickly. It didn't take too long from when they brought me back to a bed/gurney to when a nurse came in and started an IV, followed by a doc who first checked for any hernias then ordered dilaudid. Five minutes later, I started to feel like I didn't have a broadsword impaled in my lower back.

So, I apologized for being a little wuss and was told, "Don't worry about it; it's just classic kidney stone symptoms." I looked down and realized the ER/Hospital gown really did have moons and stars on it, and it wasn't just the ones in my head. Though at this point, my memory is a little fuzzy, as the dilaudid was putting me in a very good mood, bring a whole new concept of "being stoned." Mom had to leave for her appointment, and I told her I'd call if there was a problem or when I was done. Note: Mom also had an appointment for a nerve block in the afternoon. Yeah, I picked a real good day to throw a stone...

Anyway, they took me for a CAT scan and politely smiled when I mentioned that TomTom and Rocky had already given me one, explained who TomTom and Rocky are, but that I was all for nuclear imaging. After I got back from the electron portrait, the pain was starting to return. So, they hit me with more dilaudid, took a urine sample and a blood sample, and I think I took a nap.

A little while later, the ER doc woke me up and told me the results of the CAT scan. I had/have(?) a 3mm stone, likely calcium oxylate, at the bottom of my left ureter, poised to pass into my bladder, after which, it wouldn't be a problem anymore. The lab results showed nothing else unusual, save for a slight elevation in white blood cell count, so, they were sending me home with a script for Vicodin and an antibiotic. My brain almost gave the comment that I wouldn't be like Steve Austin anymore, but then another part of my brain slapped the first part and said, "Anti-biotic, not anti-bionic, you moron!" So instead, I just nodded and smiled and called Mom. She was otherwise occupied in her own medical adventures, but told me she'd called Eileen (friend of the family), and she could come bring me home, and she would call her and let her know that they were kicking me loose.

So, got my stuff, waited for my ride, and when Eileen was taking me home, I came to the realization that I didn not have a house key on me. Wallet and cell phone, yes, but no key. So, I called my car-less sister, discovered she was indeed home, and went there to borrow her house key, then came home. Between the dilaudid and the fatigue factor, I took a cautious nap. I wanted to get my scripts filled, but I wasn't yet up for driving, but I was a little scared to sleep in case I woke up in pain again and didn't have anything for it. I ended up sleeping anyway from sheer exhaustion.

Woke up later after Mom was home from her adventures, had some dinner, and felt of enough sound mind to go get my scripts filled. Managed to get there before the pharmacy closed, and the pharmacist and tech were both very, very kind in filling the meds right before closing.

Anyway, I took today off work to continue to convalesce. I think I've probably passed the stone, and may have passed it before I left the ER. In any event, I have meds to help if I'm wrong. But with a slight infection and being on an antibiotic, I rescheduled my blood donation appointment from tomorrow to next month.

Next week, I finish the old job and start the new job while trying to ignore Valentine's Day and remembering that Wednesday makes it 9 years since Dad died.

Thanks to all who have posted well-wishes on FB.

Next up: another grievous example of someone who wishes they could be a cool nerd and failing miserably...

Just...stay with your conformist, unimaginative, nerd-bashing little clique of common denominators until you're truly interested in learning how to distinguish between Imperial hardware and Cybertronian life-forms. Or even between a real and photoshopped picture...

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Yeah, I kept the blog "dark" in support of protests for SOPA and censorship.

I mean, seriously, can we really prevent widespread piracy? Or content-sharing? What would be next? Having to pay a fee and apply for permission to sing "Happy Birthday"? Being fined for quoting movies? As is, I'm kind of surprised the RIAA hasn't shut down karaoke bars. I mean, they've damn near come close to shutting down gyms and dance studios. I never advertised myself as a DJ for hire because technically I can't just go somewhere and play music without risking getting into a hell of a lot of trouble. I can do so at TTL and such because they're already raped up the ass without lube charged exorbitant fees to...provide music for us dancers to, you know, dance to.

And in another venue, something SOPA could put a crushing end to is fan fic. (Yes, SOPA could end far more things than fan fic, but, I'm going with more personal things to kind of narrow down my example machine.) Okay, so, those of us writing fan fic could still do so and just not share it on the internet. But there are whole groups who write and read each others' fan fic, and this has been greatly facilitated, and would then be greatly crippled, by SOPA.

Hell, even here on LJ and DW, how many icon groups are there? And why do we use a pop cult icon with a witty saying? Because it expresses something we're feeling or want to share. Fan vids, fan fic, icons, LOL cats, movie quotes, music lyrics, karaoke... They are all artistic manifestations of the human need to express. Indeed, it also emphasizes the importance of and need for art in general in society.

Dorkgasm has this post about sharing leading to interest. I share this link because, well, it's relevant. In fact, it even mentions Nine Inch Nails, which I became interested in after seeing a BSG fan vid with Baltar and Six. There have been several songs and bands I became interested in after seeing a fan vid set to their music.

Geeks are Sexy has a wonderfully comprehensive vid about PIPA and SOPA and the threat they present.

And then there's this cute parody...

In other news, The Mary Sue has an article about George Lucas retiring as a filmmaker. Well, he'll still do smaller projects. My take? Yes, I wish he'd stop screwing around with the original trilogy. Some of the improved effects were cool, but most? I don't think they're an improvement. If they could release a DVD or Blu-Ray where at the menu, you can select which version of effects and added or redone scenes you want, and create your own version, I'd be all over that. For example, in A New Hope, I'd have the scene with Jabba the Hutt, have the dewbacks, but have Han Shot First.

Unlike so many others, I don't think the prequel movies were an abomination. I liked Jango Fett, Qui Gon, and Mace Windu. Granted, this was more in the novelizations of the prequel trilogy, but Palpatine's rise to power, eroding of civil liberties in the name of security, and seducing Anakin to the Dark Side is actually pretty deep and has scores of social commentary on current events. Lucas' flaw, in my own opinion, is that he's a perfectionist and he's got enough clout to give in to his own version of OCD. I can criticize only so much because I have experienced this with my own writing. It's hard, but you have to know when something is done and learn to walk away from it, and still love it in spite of all the flaws you may see.

On a tangent to that, I have to tip my hat to so many authors... Michael Martin and Andy Mangels, James Luceno, Kirsten Beyer, David Mack, Dayton Ward, Geoffrey Thorne, Peter David, J.M. Dillard, Vonda McIntyre, and many more, who have either written novelizations of movies or used (shitty) material from movies of certain franchises and used them for compelling storytelling. I mean, Nemesis sucked, but the Titan novels and the Destiny trilogy and the Typhon Pact books have used Data's death, Romulan politics, and the Next Gen crew going their separate ways to launch some superb storytelling including some serious thought and visceral scenes. Joel Schumacker created the travesty of Batman Forever, but Peter David's novelization of that film thoroughly redeemed that story. Oh, and he did the same thing for Fantastic 4.

And I still say Ward and Dilmore and Mack have created a far more interesting Original Series-era saga with Vanguard than what J.J. Abrams could ever hope to achieve with his Trek reboot. If done right, the movie version of Vanguard would easily blow the Trek reboot out of the water. Unfortunately, the track record of making books into movies is not all that great. I mean, hell, Asimov's The End of Eternity was, actually, an excellent story as well as a compelling argument as to why we shouldn't let our space program stagnate, not to mention a very good twist on the old story of needing to take risks in order to achieve great things, but I'd be hard pressed to come up with a director and actors to do the book justice.

Moving along...

Yes, this post is in the clear. I figure that with the whole censorship thing, I should make this one available to the masses.

Anyway, took Mom to get her pain shots today. She's okay now, but the procedure took more than twice as long as usual.

TomTom does this caterwauling thing, usually at about this time of the night. Well this afternoon, he did it right behind me, and I actually got to watch him. I had always wondered why he did it... Vocalizing his status as the alpha? Mourning the missing people? In pain? Well, when I finally saw him, his face and stance was what I've observed of people when they're singing karaoke. In short, I have a cat who sings.

I think Tom's going to need the same thyroid surgery as YoYo. Fortunately, it's not critical at this juncture, which gives me time to save up money for it. The vet said they're okay as long as they get enough to eat. YoYo is kind of sedate, but TomTom was chasing me through the house when I was taking care of the cat boxes earlier. Not bad for a 15-year-old fuzzball. I think he yells at the birds - and kids - to get the frack off the lawn when we're not home...

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Alas, the allergies/cold is still "getting me down." Fortunately, coracidin is helping, though it's adding to feeling tired. The chicken soup with rice I had last night was also a good thing, and I'm glad I got two cans of it so I can have an encore tonight.

Since I haven't done much today other than battle the mucus monster in my sinuses, I'll just cut to the comics and other web items I've collected while my nose has run like a snail on a linoleum floor...

Reading Rainbow to be Invented for iPad. Or tablet. Or maybe even PC. Or something. Still, it's awesome that LeVar is doing stuff to get and keep kids reading. The whole philosophy of his show jibed really well with the values towards reading that my own parents taught me, and they encouraged me to watch the show and always bought me books and such. This is why I have a fairly large "basket" list on Amazon and a 30+ item list for my Kindle wishlist. And no space on my bookshelves. And need internet tools like LibraryThing to help me organize all my books.

Trinity College "expels" a professor! This...is creativity at it's best, and it's a shame the college is taking it so "seriously." Again, I shall reiterate redundantly that one of the biggest problems with the world today, including the ongoing contest of which religious deity has the biggest dick, is that way too many people take themselves WAY too seriously! If Kermit T. Frog can write a book (damn, need to add that to my Kindle wishlist now) and I can process records of Beetle the Bard and see Hermione Granger in an authority record, then why can't Conan T. Barbarian have a faculty web page?

Then in the PSA department...

Then...epic cuteness...

Jedi Kittens

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Yup, it's been 10 years. It's interesting to see some of what's out there... Some people decry the wars being fought, some decry the loss of liberties for perceived security, some think that the event brought us closer together. Well, the tragedy did bring us together for all of a month or so, and now, we see this nation being more fractured than it's been since the Civil War. And yet, there are people like me that still hold out hope that we'll eventually pull our shit together.

I've already blogged about 9-11, the 10th anniversary, and so on. As for the observances themselves... There's a line, and a rather fine one at that, between tasteful remembrance and acknowledgment versus politicization, polarization, and just plain taking advantage of the victims.

Fact is, it happened, and there are some who would rather stick their heads in the sand and pretend it didn't. Others are obsessed with fear, rage, or both. One of the books I'm reading right now, The Legacy of Heorot, by Larry Niven, Jerry Pournelle, and Steven Barnes. In an attempt to set up the passage quickly, the novel takes place in the future when Earth first starts colonizing. 200 colonists are in cryosleep for a journey lasting about 100 years, and they set up a colony on a planet they named Avalon. The colonists are mostly scientists and engineers, and Cadmann Weyland is the only military person among them. The island they settle on seems peaceful, and Weyland is the only one who isn't ready to let his guard down. After all, the colony is less than a full Avalonian year old. And when some of the livestock is carried off and eaten, Weyland wants to tighten up security. Some of the colonists, however, accuse him of manufacturing a crisis just so he would be useful again. It isn't until Cadmann sets up his own stake-out and nearly loses his life that he begins to confirm that there's a dangerous predator on the island, and the colonists still refuse to take precautions, until the predator attacks the colony, killing several people, injuring dozens more, and destroying several buildings. The colony leader, Zack, hadn't dismissed Cadmann out of hand, but certainly didn't support him or even his calls for volunteers to investigate the livestock disappearances...

If a camp vote had been taken the day after the disaster, Zack would have been ousted and Cadmann elected to the post in a moment. Take the vote soon enough after the disaster, and Zack himself might have led the electoral parade. Not now. Now he'd fight.
"We're surviving," he said. "We're going to keep surviving. We've paid our price for this goddamned planet. It's all we're going to pay... What happened just shouldn't have happened." There was absolutely nothing of the old Zack in his tone.

I mention all of this because it's a good illustration of how people's passions can shift after a disaster, how trauma can change people, and how it's all a part of being human. Incidentally, the book was written in 1987.

The Onion had posted an article about God Angrily Clarifies 'Don't Kill' Rule. I should probably send this to some of my more Evangelical friends who right after the attack and even today advocate various forms of genocide. And people wonder why I walked away from organized religion...

Kudos to the two following comics for adequately commemorating the tragedy...

Baby Blues


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HAPPY BIRFDAY [personal profile] mobobocita!!

In other news, I'm fighting off a heat and humidity headache. Grrr.

[profile] lucylou has an image that summarizes the Harry Potter series, The SummHarry, that reminds me of a medieval tapestry, the name of which eludes me at the moment, but will probably come to me when I'm driving or have the runs or something...

Cracked.com gives 6 Pro-Gay Marriage Arguments for Fighting With Crazy People.

I don't know who this lady is, but I like her style... Get yer cock jokes ready! Now I want a giant chicken made out of metal drums. Keep snakes away from my cube at work. Not that I have snakes coming to my cubicle, but, you can never be too safe, you know?

Then in the video section...

Nathan Fillion delivers an important PSA

YouTube vlogger Meekakitty shares a Harry Potter-themed music video, "Wizard Love"

Now, I'll still put the Dork Tower comic in with the comics, but in relation to another Cracked.com article, the one about what we're doing to bring about Terminators (and Cylons), well, here's a screen cap showing an advertisement for the U.S. Air Force...

Yes, show a picture of a drone that lately we've started to arm and have been known to lose control of, and then put in a tag line about how it's "not just science fiction." Oh, and we're teaching it to think for itself and how to identify other air craft and shoot them down...


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So, it's been a busy weekend, with a few more busy weekends coming up. This weekend was a slight water change on the fish tank and using my fish tank brush to tackle some of the algae. Specifically, the algae on the glass. Depending on how finances go over the next few weeks, I may go to the fish store and get some better algae eaters and maybe a few other fishies for variety.

Next weekend is vacuuming and washing the car, and the following weekend is opening the pool. Maybe. Depending on finances and subsequent procurement of necessary chemicals. Oh, and procurement of necessary 2 X 4 material to replace the steps leading to the upper pool deck.

I stopped at Pep Boys yesterday and got yet another window control switch for Cammie, as well as a funnel I hope is the right size for adding oil. While I was there, I checked prices on some other things, such as sand paper and body paint and rust inhibitor and such for my project of repairing or, more accurately, patching the hole on the passenger side and arresting the progress of rust over the rest of Cammie's body. Fortunately, that stuff isn't too expensive. I just need to root around the garage a bit and see what kind of drill tools I have with regards to the sand paper and whatnot. I also saw that they carry speaker wire, and another car project this summer is to replace the speaker wires. The stereo is good, the speakers are good, but the wires are falling apart. I figure it shouldn't be too hard to replace the wires... Just disconnect from the back of the stereo, tape new wire to the old wire, then go to the speaker and disconnect the wire and use the old wire to fish the new wire through the car.

But, hey, my fish tank looks more like a fish tank instead of a weird project by an unsocialized eccentric who has a fetish for algae...

Moving along, I've spent about 3 hours this weekend just reading articles from Cracked.com. I loved this one about hacking, though, the first page is screwy. Like the layout template isn't linked.

Though the one I found hysterical and at the same time tragic is the one on how Hollywood doesn't get technology. Hysterical, because I'm enough of a geek to at least know what GUI means. Tragic, because embedded within the article and especially pointed out in the last section is a big explanation why I can't get a decent date and why most people aren't worth my time. I tend to cringe whenever a pop show on ABC, NBC, or CBS attempts (and it's usually a piss-poor attempt at that) to explore some sort of sub-culture, be it nerds, trekkies, gamers, kinksters, steampunk, cat aficionados, hypochondriacs, and so on, as they usually show some sort of extreme case with someone who is maladjusted to begin with, and then thus profiles the maladjusted person as belonging to a group of maladjusted people. The lesson being given is that if you don't conform, you're not an individual, but rather a social reject capable of snapping at any moment.

Case in point: after Columbine, Goth kids were harassed, monitored, and given unwarranted counseling to make them normal, because the media portrayed Harris and Kleiborn as Goth kids who were bullied once too often. Other Goth kids (and as a caveat: I'm using Goth primarily because of the dark coloring, black trench coats and such that were "warning signs" of the time; many nerds and geeks suffered the same post-Columbine treatment as the Goths) were interviewed by reporters and psychologists looking for signs that these kids were traumatized ticking time bombs, and when the kids answered with, "Yeah, the jocks and cheerleaders harass us, but, we just plain don't care," well, that was unacceptable. The more these kids seemed normal, involved with community service, had plans for the future, and seemed better able to deal with stress, the more shit was made up to make these kids conform to what conformists expected to see. In short, the kids were fine, but the media, be it journalists or Hollywood, decided they couldn't handle that and both went the route of fiction.

Hence, why I don't watch much TV, and even less mainstream TV.

But that last bit, where Hollywood is obviously clueless about modern gaming (levels?)... And asking one guy (because everyone else is obviously well-adjusted and thus doesn't play video games) if he can play the game, and having him respond, "I live with my mother and have a Captain Kirk uniform in my closet" is just...insulting.

Hell, I live with my mother and I have a Captain Picard uniform in my... Oh dear...

In all seriousness, though, those of you who have been here for any length of time know that though I live with my mother, I'm not in the basement, and I also do a shit-ton around here because my mother is partially handicapped thanks to fibromyalgia and degenerative arthritis. In short, I'm here not because I'm maladjusted but because I have a sense of familial responsibility and responsibility in general. Granted, Mom's not an invalid, but it would be very difficult for her to be here by herself, and since I can use the extra space (compared to an apartment or townhouse), not to mention the pool, the driveway, and not having to worry about whether I can take the cats and birds with me, or which cats, and so on.

I hold down a decent job. I write in my spare time. And yes, it's science fiction stuff. And when I look at all the writers I am e-friends with, be they science fiction, fantasy, mystery, horror, or anything else, they are all well-adjusted people. Sometimes a little harder on themselves than they need to be. But most have families and kids. A good many have a day job as well to pay the bills. They're aware of what's going on outside of their house and around the world, and aren't afraid to comment on it. They're involved in their communities. In fact, they tend to do more to make the world a better place than most other people. (Maybe it's because we have better role models, and that in turn has made the aforementioned people role models as well...)

Thank you, Cracked.com, for pointing this shit out to help me better understand myself, the world around me, why I should value my geeky and nerdy sides, and why my cats are better than most people. Thanks to all of you writerly and creative types for being beacons of hope and making this world just a little more tolerable, if not out and out better, for the simple fact that you have the courage to be yourselves and speak out.

Conformity can kiss my hairy Italian ass!

Meanwhile, as I have been composing this entry, I've had the laptop running so it can download updates from the past week. TomTom at first seemed interested in what I was doing on the main computer, and I told him I was busy. He then decided if he couldn't use the main computer, he'd settle for the laptop, and then started petting the laptop's keyboard...

Anyway, to round out what has already turned out to be a too long, too ranty, and mayhaps too other-worldly entry, here are comics! )
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