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HAPPY BIRFDAY [profile] dr_nebula!!

Weekend chores are just about done. Last load is in the dryer, will be done soon, and will then be folded and put away. Lunch stuff is all ready to go.

I slept through a good chunk of today. Meh. I figure I must have needed it. On the bright side, my allergies are a mild annoyance, not even requiring medication right now.

Rocky was cute last night. As I was falling asleep, I was aware of him petting my face and booping my nose. He's very reciprocative.

Dinner in a little bit. Mom's making chicken parmigiana and spaghetti. The over to my seester's house for cake and ice cream in honor of my brother-in-law's natal day.

Anyway, as I am short on time, no comics, but a few web things here...

Dogs are People, Too. Dogs undergo MRI scans and show similar scans to humans.

Elephant spontaneously joins in piano playing. I like how the elephant bobs his head, too.

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Allergies are doing a little better today.

First, let me back up to yesterday. At 2, I raised the white flag and left, using sick time to cover the remaining few hours of the afternoon. Meanwhile, my back was getting worse, so, I stopped home, changed, had a snack, then went back out. Yup, thoracic and lumbar back was pretty fubared. Stopped at the pharmacy on the way home to get more Coracidin. Amazingly, I haven't needed it since last night. Still, 'tis better to have it on hand.

Got home and slept like the dead for about 4 hours. Woke up, had a late dinner, did some reading, then back to sleep.

This morning, I puttered around a bit, got a few odds and ends done, then took a four or five hour nap. Woke up feeling better. Indeed, the congestion is quite mild at the moment. Fortunately, this is a lite-chore weekend, so, I don't feel so bad for having slept the day away. In fact, I just need to shave and shower, take care of a few more little odds and ends, then off to dance I go. Thanks to the improvement, I'm good to go dancing tonight.

Rocky stuck with me pretty closely last night. Today... Well, he's checked in on me, but has been busy running the house. Though he got me up a little bit ago because it was (his) dinner time.

So, not much to report, other than I have been convalescing, and that Rocky still has the equivalent of a Harley engine when he purrs.

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HAPPY BIRFDAY [personal profile] annastesia AND [personal profile] az_starshine!!

Rocky and I are slowly recovering. We've both been napping a LOT this weekend. I think we're both just plain burnt out from the past few weeks.

Other than that...not much else going on. Slowly plugging through the weekend chores. Slowly regaining the ability to breathe through my nose. Oh, and Yoda, in addition to asking, "You okay there?" now also asks, "What'cha doin'?" Again, the fact that he gets a response, and thus interaction, makes him ask these questions often. Eventually, he'll have enough question phrases to conduct interviews.

Anyway, I'm going to try to take it easy for the rest of the day. Unfortunately, this goes through my mind...

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I have been slammed by allergies. Felt like my head was going to explode this morning. At least that's better now, but, I'm mucous-infested and such. Meh.

Amazingly, I held it together enough this morning to take Rocky to the vet. I called Lantana and told them about Rocky's spacey episodes and should I hold off on giving him any insulin today. Instead, they decided they wanted to see him. Fortunately, I had enough time for some crackers and ibuprofen before collecting Rocky and heading up to Lantana.

His blood sugar was 115, which is well within the normal range for a feline. He has another glucose check tomorrow, and may have a few more over the next few days. But, he may have reversed his diabetes. Either that, or he's got an uber-mild case of diabetes where he only needs a shot once a week or something.

His neck site is healing nicely. Though he's still pulling out his fur. His tail looks weird because of it.

But otherwise, he's doing good! He seems content to just chill right now.

I'd be more exuberant in his improvement, were it not for my sinuses and such. Meh.

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Alas, the allergies/cold is still "getting me down." Fortunately, coracidin is helping, though it's adding to feeling tired. The chicken soup with rice I had last night was also a good thing, and I'm glad I got two cans of it so I can have an encore tonight.

Since I haven't done much today other than battle the mucus monster in my sinuses, I'll just cut to the comics and other web items I've collected while my nose has run like a snail on a linoleum floor...

Reading Rainbow to be Invented for iPad. Or tablet. Or maybe even PC. Or something. Still, it's awesome that LeVar is doing stuff to get and keep kids reading. The whole philosophy of his show jibed really well with the values towards reading that my own parents taught me, and they encouraged me to watch the show and always bought me books and such. This is why I have a fairly large "basket" list on Amazon and a 30+ item list for my Kindle wishlist. And no space on my bookshelves. And need internet tools like LibraryThing to help me organize all my books.

Trinity College "expels" a professor! This...is creativity at it's best, and it's a shame the college is taking it so "seriously." Again, I shall reiterate redundantly that one of the biggest problems with the world today, including the ongoing contest of which religious deity has the biggest dick, is that way too many people take themselves WAY too seriously! If Kermit T. Frog can write a book (damn, need to add that to my Kindle wishlist now) and I can process records of Beetle the Bard and see Hermione Granger in an authority record, then why can't Conan T. Barbarian have a faculty web page?

Then in the PSA department...

Then...epic cuteness...

Jedi Kittens

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